There’s the main part you’re seeing and the left panel. The right panel contains a 909-like sequencer + 0n screen (which is hidden).
It’s quite complicated to explain well, so here are some more details on controls.
Each panel has some things you can do:

Multiply/Divide modes, set to 5 (the default) or 1.
Chord-mode. Set to either Rythm or Steps. One is supposed to 66cf4387b8

Another codec named Corel Audio Codec also uses this format. Corel Audio Codec is much more stable than MetaSound Audio Codec, and it is easier to install. It has a simple installer which installs all the needed components in your PC.
In addition, MediaMonkey lets you import and encode your CD audio files directly to MP3. It also offers basic CD ripper capabilities, and it contains an MP3 encoder.
You can even save any streaming audio from the internet as

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