Add email addresses to selected contacts folders
What’s in the Box:
Add Email Address Universal Outlook Add-in

My first impression was that it definitely looks like a paid product, and from an outlook addon description, I’ve realized that it is a simple, practical, fast, reliable and robust utility. However, after installing it and checking its features, I encountered several problems.
1. I cannot find the Add-In tab. Why is that? Did I miss 66cf4387b8

Main features

Export/import Presets & Arp Tracks
Save and restore your presets with the Miniak-editor – great for live performance in DAWs like Cubase/Ableton/Reason/Logic).
Arp tracks can be created directly in the Miniak-editor.

Importing and exporting from Miniak
Use Miniak-editor to make a complete system mapping from Miniak-modules to your DAW – as it has no GUI

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