KeyMacro is a Firefox extension that lets you access keystrokes without having to switch keyboard layouts.
Simply press the key you want and the extension will be able to interpret and convert the desired character or keystroke into a different one.
In addition to that, this add-on enables you to also set up macros for various common actions, such as selecting multiple items, opening links, and performing other actions.
The extension sports a clean layout that is easy to handle and, thanks to its various preset macros, it will be able to cover the most common needs.
When you launch the add-on, the icon representing it will appear in the browser toolbar. There, you can configure the application and customize the keystrokes that are converted.
The settings are displayed in the tooltips, which are triggered by hovering over the tool, and can be accessed by pressing the F2 key.
KeyMacro is able to perform a large number of operations, such as performing a copy-and-paste from one place to another, opening websites and more.
One of the coolest features of this add-on is that, apart from supporting a wide range of keystrokes, it can also convert special keystrokes, such as long/short cut keys for keyboard shortcuts, and Alt+xxx combinations for using the corresponding hotkeys.
To sum things up, if you’re looking for a tool that allows you to access keyboard commands without having to enter the character you want, KeyMacro is definitely the solution you’re looking for.
The extension is able to perform a wide range of keystrokes that are very handy for some tasks. Some of them are:
Go to URL (open websites)
Ctrl+T (select text)
Ctrl+C (copy text)
Ctrl+X (cut text)
Ctrl+V (paste text)
F3 (open selected item)
F5 (save file)
Alt+S (open system settings)
You can also set up macros for various tasks and modify them whenever you want.
KEYBAR Description:
KEYBAR is a Firefox extension that turns your browser toolbar into a virtual keyboard.
You can now access any of the keystrokes you require from it by simply holding down the desired key and pressing it again to activate the desired shortcut.
When you launch this add-on, you will see the keyboard icon that appears in the browser toolbar. There, you can modify all 70238732e0

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For IIS Server 5.1 and above, this is the only way to add automatic image compression to your site.
This add-on needs to be installed on all web servers, regardless of which web server engine they use.
Requires both Active Server Pages and ASP.NET enabled. This add-on also requires the HttpModules to be enabled.
Fully supports MIME types such as image/jpeg and image/pjpeg.
This package includes both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the JPEG XR HttpModule for IIS.

AJAX Content Components – For IIS


Implementing rich Internet applications using JavaScript, ASP.NET, and XML technologies has become common practice in many organizations. In order to make this development approach more cost effective, the Microsoft AJAX™ Content Components for IIS can help to offload the development and configuration of complex client-side programming from the server side. The Content Components provide a variety of controls such as grids, data bars, rating and sorting controls, calendars, forms, text editors, report generators, drop down lists, and others, that can be easily implemented with server-side processing using the ASP.NET 2.0 framework. The Content Components also provide several client-side features, such as drag and drop, drag-n-drop, and editing controls, as well as several utility functions, such as URL redirection. The Content Components are designed to work in any.NET environment, including.NET 1.0,.NET 1.1, and.NET 2.0.
KEYMACRO Description:
The Content Components is a collection of controls that allow you to easily add client-side features to ASP.NET pages.
Requires a.NET Framework installed and enabled.
Fully supports ASP.NET 2.0
No special software to purchase.
Includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the AJAX Content Components for IIS.

AJAX Control Toolkit


The AJAX Control Toolkit is a.NET library that provides Ajax capabilities to ASP.NET applications. In addition to providing the capability to develop dynamic web applications, the AJAX Control Toolkit enables the creation of more user-friendly web applications, based on Ajax technology.
The AJAX Control

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