Some programs can force a tray to close on your PC. This happens when you insert a CD / DVD drive, which isn’t in use, and they are opened by the PC, closing after a few seconds, independently of the application.
This application is a simple utility to prevent this from happening, without affecting the operation of any application.
This program works on both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives.
You can lock CD-ROM drive and DVD-ROM drive individually or both at once.
You can perform the following operations:
Lock drive – lock the drive, allowing you to perform only one action (open or close)
Unlock drive – unlock the drive and allow you to perform multiple actions (open or close).
Unlock all drives – unlock all the drives
Tray open drive – you can open or close the drive, pressing the eject button.
Tray close drive – you can open or close the drive, pressing the eject button.
Configuration menu:
The configuration menu is located in the ‘Configure’ menu, on the right-hand side.
This menu allows you to choose whether to lock all the drives at Windows startup, to save the drive status in standby and hibernate mode, or to use another drive name in the application.
CDRom-Lock in Add/Remove Programs:
The CDRom-Lock program is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs. To add it manually, please follow the instructions below.
Step 1:
Double-click ‘CDRom-Lock Setup.exe’.
Step 2:
In the ‘License Agreement’ window, click ‘I accept the agreement’ button.
Step 3:
In the ‘License Agreement’ window, press ‘Add or Remove Programs’ button.
Step 4:
Select ‘CDRom-Lock’ from the list of applications and then click ‘Add’ button.
Step 5:
To use the CDRom-Lock setup, press ‘Install’ button.

This is a program that allows you to configure the power management of your system’s CD/DVD Drive.


The program supports two devices – your CD or DVD drive and your USB keyboard. Once this program is installed, you can view, suspend, hibernate and sleep your CD/DVD Drive, or any of the USB devices connected to your system’s USB ports.

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◉ mysys is a dedicated free file search tool. It will search and index your files and folders for you, thereby making them ready for future searches. You can now go back in time, search for specific text strings and keep your important files and folders easily accessible.
◉ No need to invest in complex file search tools. mysys is a simple and smart solution for you. Just type a string of text into a text box, choose your drive and start the indexing process.
◉ Access all your files at any time, from any place.
◉ The app offers an indexing timer. It can automate the file indexing process, and notify you when indexing is complete.
◉ mysys is very easy to use, has no complex configuration, no update required and an intuitive user interface.
◉ No user accounts are needed.
◉ Also, for mobile device users, mysys has an optimized Android app.
◉ Track down your files, folders, even email with ease.
◉ The best part is, all mysys files are free and available for all to use.
◉ There are no spam emails, no hidden ads and no functions you don’t need.
◉ It is a stand alone file search application, and it will never slow down your device.
◉ If you need help or would like to report a problem, you can always contact us.

As part of the new release, mysys now offers an optimized Android app that can be downloaded from Google Play. To download the latest mysys app, simply type “mysys Android” into Google and find the app under the result:

Dedicated file search and indexing application, as the name suggests, mysys is a simple yet powerful tool that will enable you to efficiently track down specific files or folders. While the app offers a number of options, the most powerful feature is the ability to define specific search conditions, which are then applied automatically to the target drives you choose. With mysys you can search through text strings, such as emails, contacts, or system files. This can give you access to many of the important files you need, without having to manually create an indexing database for the specified drives.

The app doesn’t require any “offline” database access and thus will never slow down your device. The mysys app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and will work with Android


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