Welcome to the world of Macromedia Flash Flash® is a browser plug-in that provides a quick, easy, and powerful way to display Flash and other multimedia content on the Web.
KeyMACRO Requirements:
Minimum: Mac OS X 10.5; Intel-based Mac
Processor: PowerPC or Intel-based processor
RAM: 512 MB of RAM
Hard Disk: 8 GB of disk space
Download KeyMACRO.zip
Extract the contents of KeyMACRO.zip to a folder
Copy the following files from KeyMACRO.zip to the extracted folder
Install KeyMACRO
Click on the red icon in the toolbar and select Show Package Contents.
Navigate to Contents/Resources
Double-click on the icon of the installer.
When the installation process is completed, click on the Add button.
Click on the Firefox button on the top of the browser and select Manage Add-ons.
Click on the Options button.
Select the Show All Add-ons button.
Select the KeyMACRO button.
Click on the OK button.
Start Firefox
Restart Firefox if needed.
You can now launch KeyMACRO to launch the installation process.

Mozilla Firefox OS Simulator:
Brod Head Simulator is a browser emulator which lets you browse websites on any operating system without having to download and install a browser on your PC. The software is simple to use and is capable of properly loading any website you wish to access. Furthermore, it allows you to set the homepage and quickly open it.
Simulator for browsing
Brod Head Simulator is designed to offer you a convenient Web navigation experience, while operating in a friendly environment and visually appealing GUI. The application supports rendering Flash and video content from websites and allows you to properly navigate a page rich in multimedia elements.
Moreover, the multi-tab structure allows you to open several pages at the same time, within the same window. This way, you may easily switch between the websites with a simple click. The tabs are displayed at the top of the window, in a horizontal bar, so you may select either one of them at any time.
Simulator for browsing and opening
Brod Head Simulator allows you to open a site saved in its database. Furthermore, you can preview the pages of a website that has been saved in your browser history.
Brod Head Simulator features a command ribbon at the top 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a text-editor macro utility for programmers. It enables the developer to create macros with many features of the Microsoft Word editor.
Save macros to a file for easy loading
Insert, edit, delete and save macros
Run macros from the keyboard
Use macros to make your programs a lot easier to use and even save time on keystrokes
It is possible to create many different types of macros:
• Run macros when a key is pressed
• Run macros based on objects in a document
• Execute macros when a hotkey combination is pressed
• Run macros based on objects that are clicked on in a document
• Run macros when a mouse button is pressed
• Run macros when an object is typed in a document
• Control program flow
• Run a macro as the program’s main action
• Resume macros from the keyboard
• Start on a new line
• Continue the current macro if it finishes
• Show the current macro’s message in the status bar
• Identify what keyboard shortcuts and objects are selected in a document
• Display the current contents of a document in the status bar
• Print current contents of a document
• Run a specified macro when a document has been opened
• Run a specified macro on a document when it has been closed
• Type a specified string into a document
• Identify what objects have been selected in a document
• Insert, delete and split a group of objects
• Position objects in a document
• Put object on a new line
• Cut a group of objects from a document
• Copy a group of objects
• Change the size of a group of objects
• Rotate objects in a document
• Move a group of objects
• Indent a group of objects
• Unindent a group of objects
• Split a group of objects
• Put the next object in a group after the current one
• Put the previous object in a group after the current one
• Invert a group of objects
• Reverse a group of objects
• Put a group of objects on a new line
• Bold the current object
• Underline the current object
• Replace the current object with a specified text
• Run a macro when a file has been opened or closed
• Run a macro on a file when it has been edited
• Run a macro on a file when it has been saved
• Run a macro on a file when it has been printed
• Run a


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