PECompact is a unique desktop application designed to reduce the size of executable files without corrupting the contents. PECompact can compress or only trim the file, embed a numerical watermark, allow multiple compressions, compress exports, create backups, as well as to emulate overlay or extra data. In addition, you can apply a plugin (e.g. anti-debug), use the Windows DLL loader, strip fix-ups, unused resources and the debug data directory, select API hook plugins, select the resources to compress, adjust the compression level and use fast decoders, as well as perform a code integrity checkup, among others. Options can be restored to their default values.
Furthermore, you can test selected executable files and restore backups if any errors occur. The tool quickly finishes a task and delivers good results. However, it failed in its attempt to restore backups on multiple occasions in our tests.
PECompact uses low CPU and RAM, so it doesn’t affect overall performance. It is also able to integrate into the Explorer context menu. Unfortunately, it has not been updated for a long time, and the utility has compatibility issues with newer operating systems. Other than that, PECompact provides an efficient method for compressing executable files to free up space on the hard drive.
1. Reduce the size of EXE, DLL, SCR, OCX and other file formats.
2. Create backup and restore settings.
3. Automatically detects the original size of your files.
4. Compress or only trim files.
5. Decompress the compressed files if desired.
6. Embed a numerical watermark in the output file.
7. Compress or only trim files with a numerical watermark.
8. Create a backup of the output file.
9. Use multiple compressions.
10. Select the outputs directories.
11. Use different options for each file.
12. Embed your text in the output file.
13. Generate a file for a batch of files.
14. Use various LZ77-based compressors.
15. Decompress multiple compressed files at once.
16. Enable or disable compressed resources.
17. Adjust the compression level.
18. Perform a code integrity checkup.
19. Generate the boot sector of EXE, OCX and DLL files.
20. Generate a set of random 6e8feb22df
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Mp3 Workshop is an application designed to help you modify the format of audio tracks (e.g. WAV, WMA) into MP3. But it can also extract the audio stream from videos (e.g. WMV, MPG, MOV) and save it to MP3, as well as rip audio CDs.
The tool is packed in a plain and simple interface. Items can be added to the file list by using either the file browser or “drag and drop” method. Processing multiple entries in batch mode is possible.
In the file queue you can check out the source name and format, target directory, size and audio properties of each media file. If you are satisfied with the default settings, then you can directly initialize the encoding procedure after selecting an output directory.
Skilled users can tinker with the audio preferences when it comes to the bit rate, variable bit rate, channel mode, sampling rate and flags (e.g. copyright, private, original). These values can be restored to default. Moreover, you can record sound, open the output folder and remove an item from the file list, as well as disable the toolbar and status bar.
Mp3 Workshop uses a low-to-moderate amount of CPU and system memory, in order to finish a task briefly. It did not freeze, crash or pop up errors throughout our testing. The tool supports keyboard shortcuts, has a good response time and manages to preserve a good sound quality.
On the downside, you cannot set the tool to turn off the computer or to open the output directory after encoding. Plus, you cannot select the thread priority level or minimize Mp3 Workshop to the system tray.

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