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What is Serato Sample? Serato Sample is a new DJ/producer sampler from Akaoni. Akaoni are a sample library and plugin company based in London and if you are a keen DJ or producer you will know that they have been there and done it before with programs such as DJ sampler and DJ sampler DJ Pro, and now they are back with Serato Sample. The sample library that makes this plugin tick is called it Library and that’s where you and your sounds come in…
Key Features:
-Akaoni Library, the industry-leading sample library
-Over 1,000 drum sounds
-Great for music production, remixing and DJing
-Includes loop automation for creative mixing
-All the sounds are in key
-Customize almost everything
-Wav support
-Compatible with any DAW
—– DAW Compatibility—–
Serato Sample is compatible with a number of DAWs, such as:
-Ableton Live
-Apple Logic Pro
-FL Studio
-Garage Band
-Iridient Fantom
-MOTU Digital Performer
-Cubase Studio
-Native Instruments FL Studio
-Pro Tools
-Pulse 2
-Sony Acid
-Temporary Remix
-Undo Redo
You can read our in-depth tutorial on how to set up Serato Sample in any DAW at:
Please check your hardware/software compatibility with the software you intend to use and only purchase the software/hardware that you are able to use. Although we have given compatibility information at the top of each page, all software is supplied on an ‘as-is’ basis and as such, if you have ANY questions as to whether your hardware/software is compatible, please contact us at:
Purchase a 1-month license for $9.99 (unless otherwise specified)
Images are provided for reference only. In some instances the images may have been cropped/resized. In this case the original un-cropped image is available in the highest resolution available and we ask that you refer to this


Category:Software development kits
Category:Software development process
Category:Linux softwareThe Atlanta Auto Show is a sure sign of summer, but most of us can’t go outside without the city getting all hot and sticky. Today, Pontiac is introducing the 2016 Pontiac Torrent, a Gran Turismo, for the mass market. With a new exterior, a new interior, and a new engine, this car is another addition to our list of trending cars.

A word of warning: I will be using a lot of GIFs here to help you get the gist of what I’m trying to convey.

Okay, first up, the outside. The Torrent is a beauty. Although it shares its sheetmetal with other recent Pontiacs such as the G8 and Astra, it does sports a blacker-than-black finish that’s accented with gloss black. The roofline is more curvaceous, and the rear has a muscular look as well.

It’s definitely a car you’ll want to throw in a mix of other pieces. The bumper looks quite aggressive, and the front end is quite handsome as well. This isn’t a conservative, boring vehicle.

All-wheel drive isn’t used, but the car has a six-speed automatic that should be able to provide good steering feel and will most likely be set up for off-road use. Here’s what the 2016 Torrent will look like.

Next, the interior. Like most Pontiacs, the Torrent’s interior is very handsome, with high-quality materials and an overall attractive look. It’s also quite roomy.

The seats are comfortable, and although there isn’t a lot of headroom, there’s lots of legroom. Speaking of which, the backseat is roomy as well.

There are also two trays, one in the center console, and one under the shifter. The outside of the interior is covered in a soft-touch plastic, and the instrument display is red rather than black.

Finally, in terms of power, the 2016 Torrent is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, turbocharged and mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This means that not only is it a world-class engineering project, but it gets a new engine that should provide good performance.

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