Simcir is a simple, easy to use simulator for logic circuits. Basically you choose a device from the toolbox and move to right side, connect them by drag operation, click a input node to disconnect, move a device back to the toolbox if you don’t use and double click the label to edit.







Simcir 3.15.6 Crack With Full Keygen Free For Windows (2022)

Simcir Product Key is a general simulator for logic circuits.
Simcir Crack For Windows uses high speed binary counter to simulate dynamic logic circuits.
Simcir can also simulate gate level simulations such as Xilinx® device, but Simcir can only simulate, not use a Xilinx® simulator for simulation, so you cannot use Simcir to simulate a Xilinx® device.
If you want to simulation a gate level and connect to a Xilinx® simulator, you need to download and install the Xilinx® simulator and run it.
There is no need to install the Xilinx® simulator in your computer. You can just launch the Xilinx® simulator directly from Simcir.
– Great for teaching and learning logic circuit
– Simulate various logic circuits such as AND, OR, NAND, NOR, NOT, XOR, XNOR,
– Evaluate the logic functions of a network of logic gates
– Implement a generalized double-precision floating-point adder
– Simulate the most common logic gate models (CMOS, TTL, and NMOS)
– Handle up to 500 gates in a single simulation
– Support for various simulation standards including System Generator® and Gates®
– Sends trace information to either window or file
– Support for testing multiple designs simultaneously
– Supports automatic port detection
– Supports to connect to Xilinx® device for simulation
– Built in help
– 2D window supports drag operation
– Dynamic circuit automatically expand the circuit for simulation
– Multiple connectivity window
– Drag and drop between windows
– Trace window supports drag and drop
– Circuit statistics
– Built in help
– Good for teaching logic design
– Protected by the MIT license
Select a device to simulate
Drag and drop connections
Change from diagram view to simulation view
Change back from simulation view to diagram view
Protected by the MIT License:
MIT License

Create a simple register which contains a small list of the simcir I/O pins.
Version 0.5.2(17/4/2013)
Instructions for building simcir.bin
To build simcir.bin, extract simcir and simcir.img into the same directory, then open the
simcir.img file and copy the simcir.bin file into

Simcir 3.15.6 Crack + [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

Simcir Torrent Download is a real-time logic simulator.
It is fast and efficient, with low resource requirement, can be used for class projects and is free for education use.
– Quick simulation (via core logic, gate array, FPGA and digital HW simulation).
– Edit the RTL file directly in the simulation screen.
– Multilayer simulation (analysis layer and signal layer).
– Assign names to each input and output of the gates and bus signals.
– Assign names to each flip flop and latch.
– Easy to use and design environment.
– Support for bus clock (periodic, free running, cascade clock, etc.) and initialization mode (software, hardware, auto).
– Support for simulation modes (real-time and sequential).
– Integrated with EDA tool (Altera Quartus).
– Support for 14 logic families.
– Allow non-IC input and output.
– Logical AND and OR operations.
– Register-transfer level RTL simulation.
– Support for differential clock.
– Load and save simulation environment.
– Saving state with simulation.
– Support for simulation via RTTI (Reset-to-Init).
– Support for simulation via runtime checking.
– Supports open-source libraries like Verilog-XL and Verilog-A.
– Design flow: use logic gates, UART, SPI, PWM and add external components.
– Board design: use FPGA, USB, GPIO, I2C, etc.
– Design flow: use a logic library.
– Design flow: use a clock library.
– Design flow: use a flip flop library.
– Design flow: use an oscillator library.
– Design flow: use D flip flop, D latch and JK flip flop.
– Design flow: use adder and multiplier.
– Design flow: use an integrated logic simulator.
– Design flow: use a logic analyzer.
– Design flow: use a simulator.

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Simcir 3.15.6

What’s New in the Simcir?

Simcir is a simple, easy to use simulator for logic circuits. Basically you choose a device from the toolbox and move to right side, connect them by drag operation, click a input node to disconnect, move a device back to the toolbox if you don’t use and double click the label to edit.

– Logic circuits simulation
– Single-cycle, multi-cycle, timing simulation
– On-the-fly device parsing
– On-the-fly timing analysis
– Display of the pin number of every input node
– Clock list generation
– Drag-and-drop device connection
– Click an output node to disconnect
– Click an input node to disconnect, move the device back to the toolbox if you don’t use and double-click the node’s label to edit
– Double-click the label of a device to edit properties
– Double-click the label of a logic gate to edit its properties
– Double-click the label of a register to edit its properties
– Click the save button to save the simulation result
– Click the back button to clear the simulation result
– Click the preview button to see the simulation result
– Click the clear button to clear all the simulation result

Windows or Linux.
Please visit Simcir’s Home Page for more details.

Available Devices:
– AND gate
– OR gate
– NOT gate
– Flip-flop
– JK flip-flop
– Synchronous inverter

Simulation will timeout when the simulation time exceeds the timing window.

Actions on Window Resize:
Simulation will auto-adjust size when the window is resized.

Contribution by:
kyosoft (norgate),
Dan Kuo,
Don (

Computer simulation of logic circuits has always been a tricky business. If the circuit contains a great number of components, the simulation can be extremely complicated. One solution is to simulate circuits in a pre-defined setup. The drawback is that one cannot fine-tune a circuit’s timing and power consumption to the actual design.

Simcir is an easy-to-use simulation tool to simulate and verify logic circuits without having to deal with the complex timing and power consumption aspects. Simcir is based on a device-driven logic simulator with the user-driven properties. Based on that, you are able to draw your circuit by connecting devices together. You can specify the logic gates’ width, use a clocked register as an input device, or use a flip-flop to represent your circuit. Click the input devices to connect them, then click the output devices to disconnect them. You may also double-click a device label to edit its properties. Simcir runs with minimal power consumption. In addition, Simcir

System Requirements For Simcir:

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