KeyMacro is a free, open source email encryption app that allows you to encrypt your emails,
Encrypt your emails with KeyMacro.
What is Criptext?
Criptext is a free, open source email encryption app that allows you to encrypt your emails.
So many business people are worrying about email privacy.
Where do emails go after they leave your inbox?
What happens when an email server gets hacked and all of your email is exposed?
You’re a CEO, or a business owner, or someone who’s really interested in the security of their data.
When you open up your email in a web browser on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or whatever device, your email sits in the cloud somewhere.
But when you send an email using your email account, those messages are stored on the email server somewhere.
And because email is so popular, those servers are pretty vulnerable.
If an attacker manages to get on the server, you can open up a web browser and see the contents of your account, everything you’ve ever sent, and everything you ever received.
And that’s a problem.
Why your privacy is at risk when using Criptext
Criptext is a Free, open source email encryption app that allows you to encrypt your emails.
If you use your email for exchanging sensitive information, you’ll want to keep your data secret.
Criptext stands out as a strong privacy-focused encryption app that allows you to send encrypted emails.
All of your messages are encrypted with a secret key before they leave your inbox, and then decrypted only when they’re opened.
That means your emails are not stored in the cloud anywhere, and nobody can access them or use them for any purpose.
What’s the difference between Criptext and other email encryption services?
Criptext is a Free, open source email encryption app that allows you to encrypt your emails.
Not all of the other email encryption services on the market are free, open source, and privacy-oriented.
Most of them are operated as a business, and will store your data in the cloud, store your keys and send your data to the cloud.
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Drapie 2.0
Data Scraping Utility is an automated data entry program designed to make entry of records faster and easier. The software can copy specific records from multiple databases or from the web, saving the data into a MS-Access format.
Database scraping and data entry
This utility makes it easy to fetch information from an internet or local database. You can select one or multiple records from a database and load them into the clipboard. In addition, you can define criteria for each record, so the software loads only records that satisfy the conditions you specify.
Specialized data downloader
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Stored procedures
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My Budget
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Simple to use
My Budget is a simple program designed to help you create a to-do list. The application can help you generate a list of projects, tasks and notes, as well as set start and end dates for each project.
Tasks, notes and projects
You can define tasks, notes and projects as separate entities, thus allowing you to create a separate list for each of them. You can set start and end dates for each task and create the list in the category of tasks that you prefer. You can also use the software to add tasks, notes and projects as a single list, which can then be sorted and filtered according to a specified condition.
Task progress
A dedicated field within the application defines the

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