In the first instance, Protegent AV Cloud claims to provide you with a complete antivirus and file recovery tool that protects your computer against all types of malware, with its real-time scanning features, schedule functionality, and a number of other tools and utilities.

It will bring you into the much-needed state of safety, with its system and folder scans and its ability to reclaim your files. Plus, this tool will not only keep your PC protected but will also ease the process of recovering your files when things go wrong.

Protegent AV Cloud (Protegent Antivirus) Review:
As we have already mentioned, the purpose of this tool is to protect your PC and to bring you to a state of safety and serenity, as it will automatically take care of any threats and errors that may come into play on your computer.

It has an automatic system scan option that will go through your entire hard drive and detect any type of virus or spyware that has found a way into your system.

If you would like to spot any possible malware or errors, then there is an option for that too.

Once a malware or error has been detected, you will be able to identify the files that are affected and you can then proceed to manually remove the errors.

What’s more, you can do everything manually or you can use the scheduled scan option. With this option, you can choose between scanning your entire hard drive once per day, every week, or every month.

Protegent AV Cloud (Protegent Antivirus) Conclusion:
Protegent AV Cloud is a powerful set of tools that will protect your computer from any type of malware, bring your PC into a safe state, and, last but not least, help you recover your files when you face any problems.

Download and Install Protegent AV Cloud

Protegent AV Cloud is a security tool that can protect you from all kinds of intrusions starting from trojans and spyware to any other kind of worms.

This product comes in the form of a free tool bundle that includes an antivirus and a file recovery feature and you can choose to get it either on a paid or a free basis.

Since it is a free product, there will not be any hidden costs and you will only be charged $29 for the antivirus and $39 for the file recovery module. As far as the antivirus is concerned, you can 384a16bd22

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