Space Meter is a feather-light and portable application that lets you study disk space, in order to find the total size of files in any specified directory. It contains only basic options that even first-time users can figure out with ease.
Portability perks
As there is no setup pack included, you can save the app files anywhere on the hard drive or on a removable storage unit, in order to directly run Space Meter on any PC with minimum effort. More importantly, it doesn't make any modifications to the registry, unlike many installers.
Simple interface and options
The GUI is user-friendly, based on a large window that shows all hard disk drives at startup, including removable and network drives. You can double-click a drive to open its containing folders, select any folder or navigate further, and examine a pie chart shown on the bottom half part of the panel.
View a pie chart with file distribution
This pie chart shows the distribution of the size of all containing files, the current folder, and the remaining directories. There are no other noteworthy aspects available here. Unfortunately, Space Meter doesn't implement options for copying the pie chart to the Clipboard as an image, exporting it to file, or printing it.
Evaluation and conclusion
It froze a couple of times in our tests while attempting to open network drives. Otherwise, it sometimes took a long time to load drive contents, depending on the drive size. No error dialogs popped up, though.
Sadly, Space Meter has a very light set of options and no configuration settings. There are other disk space managers out there which are also free, such as Disk Pulse, WinDirStat or SpaceSniffer.

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File Size Calculate allows you to find files sizes easily. After installation you can launch the application from the Start Menu or desktop. It has a user friendly interface and displays the information easily. It supports to find a total size of the files in a selected directory and also counts files. The program is easy to use and offers users all the features in one compact application. You can calculate files and folders sizes for the local drive or remote network drive. This application has an intuitive interface.
File Size Calculate Features:

Automatic mode – The application shows all the files and folders, their sizes and counts are calculated automatically and displayed on the interface.

Remote Mode – You can open the specified network drive and shows the sizes and counts for the files and folders.

View details – There are two views of the file size details. The Details view shows all the details of the file size, while the Summary view shows the file size and the count in an easy to read format.

File Size Check – The File Size Check feature allows you to check the validity of a file. The program checks the size of the file and displays the message if the file is valid or not.

How to install File Size Check?

1. Download File Size Check from File Size Check website.
2. Now extract the downloaded zip file using WinRar.
3. Extract the readme.txt file.
4. Now open the readme.txt file using Notepad or other text editor and read instructions.
5. After following the instructions properly, there is an icon of File Size Check application on the desktop.

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Space Meter is a free lightweight and portable disk space analyzer, with the ultimate objective of highlighting the size of all files and directories in the selected drive or directory.

Simple, intuitive interface

Pie chart shows the size of all files and directories

Possible to view, select and copy files

Open your most important folders to have an even better insight

Support for removable and network drives

Command line support

.NET application

Free and open source

Comprehensive disk space analyzer.
Disk Usage Analyzer is a free and simple app that can help you analyze the size of the free and total disk space available on your PC. It displays a pie chart showing the distribution of the free, used and total disk space, as well as the space distribution of the selected drive. The free disk space and the used disk space are calculated by the built-in algorithm which takes into account the read/write data access and information from the NTFS file system.
Disk Usage Analyzer allows you to view, copy, move and delete files. It is equipped with several features that will make your work even easier. The main window of Disk Usage Analyzer shows the current free disk space on your PC, as well as the amount of used space on all drives and folders on your computer. The amount of free disk space is shown on the left part of the window, while the amount of used space is shown on the right side. In the upper part of the window, you will see the amount of total space available, which is calculated from the difference between the used and free disk space. On the bottom part of the window, there is a list of available drives and folders. You can select any drive or folder to have a better view of its free and used disk space.
The features of Disk Usage Analyzer are as follows:

Analyze the free and total disk space of all selected drives and folders

View the disk usage in a pie chart

Monitor, view and analyze the disk space usage over time

Possible to copy, move, and delete files and folders

The application supports the main interface languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and Polish.

Disk Usage

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System Requirements For Space Meter:

Game Length: 4 to 5 hours
System Requirements: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch (Online Play required)
CPU: Intel i5-3570, Intel Core i5-2500, AMD Phenom II X4 965
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 560, GTX 770, AMD HD 7970, GTX 980, AMD HD 7970
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
Additional Notes: System requirements may be subject to change.
Originally developed by Paradox Development Studio

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