MB Free Vastu Shastra is a tool to help you improve your living space. From bedroom to living room, kitchen, bathroom or even to office, just download the free MB Free Vastu Shastra and start your Vastu Shastra search. This app will allow you to view more than 10,000 Vastu Shastra charts. Also, this app will help you determine the Vastu Shastra of your room according to the type of activities you carry out, and you will be able to identify the most efficient places to apply efforts for remedial actions that may have a positive impact on your life.
Vastu Shastra has been performed by Indians for generations. In fact, many of the most ancient monuments in the world, including the Taj Mahal and the pyramids of Egypt are built in the architecture with the aid of Vastu Shastra. It is based on the principles established by the ancient Vedas, which are approximately four to five thousand years old.
This complete solution by MB Free Vastu Shastra will help you have a more harmonious life and your home will be a happy home.
How does this application work?
The essence of Vastu Shastra is based on ancient Indian architecture.

MB Free Vastu Shastra includes a series of interactive Vastu Shastra charts for guiding you how to apply remedies to the Vastu defects in your home. The application also includes a series of accessories such as Remedial Charts, Chakra Healing Center, Astrology Center and Vedic Color Healer. These accessories can be further enhanced through any of the inbuilt Apps.
How to get MB Free Vastu Shastra
MB Free Vastu Shastra is available in Google Play and App Store for free. The inbuilt installation process will guide you to download this application.Disclosure: The information, opinions, suggestions, posts, advertisements and any other information provided on Healthy Home Economist’s web site, blog, or social media is not intended to replace the advice or medical recommendations of your personal physician or other qualified health professional. Information provided on or through Healthy Home Economist’s website does not create a physician-patient relationship between us. Not intended for use as diagnosis, treatment, prescription or advice, the information provided on Healthy Home Economist’s website is not a substitute for a physician’ ce698b3d9e

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