KeyMacro is a free VST plugin. It allows you to write software envelopes to be triggered by MIDI notes. It’s particularly useful for percussive sounds, such as drums.

Program CC can be used to create key-defined rules in a VST host for the software envelopes to be triggered by MIDI notes.

This is a limited beta version of KeyMacro VST. It is free to use, but a little buggy. Please note that this is not the final release of the plugin. There are many bugs that are still to be fixed.

As of VST 2.5, a global MIDI input can be used to trigger software envelopes. However, it can be tricky to get the results you’re looking for. This is where KeyMacro can help!

To use KeyMacro, set up a MIDI controller (most synthesizers work fine) with several MIDI notes that you would like to trigger the software envelopes, and then set up your VST host with a MIDI Out option.

When a MIDI note is triggered, it will hit the Global MIDI Input and the plugin will determine what software envelope it is hitting. It’s important to choose the correct options under “Audio” – MIDI mode and “Midi note”.

WARNING: I’ve been experimenting with this plugin since the 2.5 beta for a week and some bugs are still there. Although many bugs have been fixed since 2.5, there are still some reported that I haven’t been able to fix. Please read the above warning. I’m still waiting for the final release of this plugin, but in the meantime you can use it for now.

How to use it:
When you open the plugin, you’ll see a bunch of “Assign” options. These are the MIDI notes that you want to trigger the software envelopes. Each one will have a bunch of options under “Audio”.

Audio: Midi mode
Midi note: MIDI note you want to trigger the envelope

For example, if you want to trigger the LFO envelope when you trigger the C4 pitch bend MIDI note, set it up as follows:

If you have a synthesizer that is connected to your computer (which probably is), you can test the plugin by triggering a MIDI note on the synthesizer, and it will be recorded by your audio device. If it works properly, the plugin should not even be showing up in your DAW. d82f892c90

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