It has two modes of operation: “Wildcard” mode, where it listens to the broadcasted network, and “Point-to-Point” mode, where it listens to a specified IP (or broadcast) address. You can also filter out unnecessary channels (TCP, udp or icmp). It also has an optional graphical viewer.

Change log
Fixed a security vulnerability that could have allowed a denial of service on Windows versions 99d5d0dfd0

With the speed, simplicity and handy features it contains, Format Converter is a must-have utility for people whose DVDs contain video content recorded with Hikvision cameras.

If you own digital video recording, network speed dome or indoor positioning system (IPS) devices, you probably know that you can browse the recordings on your computer but cannot access all of them.
However, these homemade restrictions can be easily removed with the help of Hikvision ID Web Viewer.
Easy installation

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