RDIT is a Rain-based Drought Indices Tool, created to provide users with a straightforward way of calculating eight drought indices.
RDIIT calculates some of the most famous drought indices, such as: SPI, DI, PN, RAI, EDI, CZI, MCZI and ZSI.
Intuitive, step-by-step calculation procedure.
RDIT features a self-explanatory user interface. It’s easy to select the period of study, the frequency variables and the drought indices to calculate.
RDIT gives you clear-cut graphs and accurate meteorological representations of the phenomenon, through which you’re able to easily determine the whole process and easily identify the factors that influence it.
For more information, please check our website:
RDIT Project Page:
Contact email: rdit@keymacro.com

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Hallo northern sky
UC HEX Editor
Java Star Chart
Grover Podcast
Mortens Dictionary Maker
YouTube Downloader for Chrome
GUNNER24 Freeware
Arm Adult Filter
123 Pdf to Word Converter for Doc
Alternate HASH-Generator
USB Charge+
Gradebook Power
AddressBook Portable

Keymacro is a tool used to automate all the keystrokes in a text editor or a similar tool. It is designed to automate the copy/pasting, indentation and other actions that are performed in programs such as Notepad or Word.
Why opt for Keymacro
Keymacro is designed to be flexible. As a result, it can perform the same actions regardless of the text editor. It is a portable utility so it works on different platforms, without the need for registering any of the programs.
Simple-to-configure parameters
The program allows you to add macros for the most common actions. To start with, it comes with predefined macros for Copy, Paste, Indent, Outdent, Select All and Unselect All. You can also create your own macros by editing the XML files that are stored in the program’s installation directory.
What it lacks
The macros are not pre-configured so you will need to edit them every time you add a new macro. However, the program allows you to record the macros and play them back in the order you prefer. It means that you do not need to re-record the macros each time you perform a given action.
Bottom line
The program can be used to automate all the keystrokes that are performed in an application. It is easy to use, you just need to create a macro in order to make changes to the text or you can re-record the macros if you wish to change the order of the actions.
FTBFF Viewer Description:
FTBFF Viewer is a program designed to help you open the information from a FastTab file. This file is commonly used to import contact information from vCard files to Microsoft Outlook.
Its purpose
The application aims to facilitate the users by saving time and effort when it comes to storing contact information in a new email address.
Why opt for portable utilities
FTBFF Viewer is a portable program. This means that it can be copied to different devices such as a USB flash drive or to a laptop.
Simple-to-configure parameters
Once the FTBFF Viewer is installed, you will be able to open the files saved in FastTab format. To see the details you only need to select the path and the file extension.
What it lacks
The program does not allow you to search for a particular name or information in the FastTab file. If you want to change the font size of the fields, you


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