Spectrumech Main Features:
1.Easy To use
2. Multiple virtual instrument features
3. Variable instruments and synth controls
4. Standard and Rave keymapping
5. Easy MIDI file import
6. Rave & House Samples
7. In-App Kontakt Integration
8. Timeline
9. Set/Unset Sample Time Signature
10. Loop Marker
11. Key & MIDI Transport
12. Full Realtime Midi Analysis
13. SongMarkers & Melodies
14. Multiple Midi/Audio Channels
15. Polyphonic / Polytimbral Midi
16. Multiple Output devices
17. Unique ‘classic’ synth sounds
18..FLAC, OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV and WMA Audio playback
19. Rich Midi Meta track data for easy tracking
20. 4 Audio-Channels
21. Split Screen/Side-By-Side Midi
22. MIDIMapping
23. Midi Unit access
24. Midi Unit routing
25. Multi-Song Recording
26. Studio-like Music Editor/Sequencer
27. 2x Multi-track Player
28. Filter Modulation
29. Attenuation LFO
30. 3x Bass/Mid/Treble Mix
31. MPC-1 & MPC-2 integration
32. 50+ Presets
33. Macro Controls for all Keymapping
34. Pro Tools A / B-Mode
35. Instant Waveform Display
36. One-Click Preview Mode
37. Keyboard Shortcuts
38. MIDI Export
39. Stereo, Mono, Mono-Stereo OGG / MP3 / FLAC Playback
40. Lyrics display
41. Fully customizable
42. Use”” for seperate Midi-/Audio-Channels
43. In-App Kontakt Integration
44. Crossfade between stereo-mixes
45. Use Kontakt4/Tracktion4
46. 24/48kHz FLAC Audio and WAV / MP3 Audio-Playback
47. MSX2
48. Big buttons
49. Perfect stand-alone for low-resolutions like PSP, GBA, etc.
50. Strong Audio-Effects
51. Support for 64-Bit
52. Export your tracks to ipad/iPhone/iPod- 384a16bd22

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For your convenience, Shutdown features a clean design and layout. It has an intuitive and easy to use interface.
The default action is to shut down the computer but you can also choose to restart, suspend, or cut off Internet and network connections.
It’s possible to add a shortcut to the program in order to launch it easily from anywhere.
Shutdown can show warnings before actions.

How to Boost CPU Speed in Windows 7 with CPUFreq

Learn How to Boost CPU Speed in Windows 7 with CPUFreq

By The Editor

Written in April, 2011.

To boost the speed of your CPU in Windows 7, you can use the CPUFreq utility from the Windows Resource Center.

If you want to learn more about Windows 7, we’ve compiled a list of Windows 7 information resources here.

The process of optimizing performance in Windows 7 is similar to the process of optimizing the performance in Windows Vista. The difference between the two versions of Windows is that Windows 7 allows you to manually control the frequency of your processor. The version of Windows Vista requires you to choose between two fixed frequencies, one for power efficiency and one for performance.

Windows 7 has two methods of boosting your processor. One method involves Windows automatic frequency control (auto-tune), and the other involves the use of a third party utility called CPUFreq.

All this software does is set a target CPU frequency that Windows 7 will try to match. There are three types of CPUFreq:

CPUFreq is the default package available on the DVD with the Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate versions.

CPUFreq-Base is a free package that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website.

CPUFreq-A is a free package that can be downloaded from LQ.com.

What’s in a Package

Here’s a description of what’s in each CPUFreq package:


Provides CPUFreq, a utility that allows you to manually adjust your processor’s frequency.


Provides CPUFreq, a utility that allows you to manually adjust your processor’s frequency.


Provides CPUFreq-A, a utility that allows you to manually adjust your processor’s frequency.


Provides CPUFreq-Auto, a utility that allows you to automatically


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