Macro Expert enables you to automate the repetitive tasks and increase your productivity with the aid of Macros. It is simple, lightweight, and packed with a lot of useful features for helping you automate the most annoying tasks.
The utility comes with a clean, user-friendly interface that allows you to define a new macro from scratch, record keyboard and mouse activities, schedule the macros, as well as launch them from the “Click to Play” button.
Basic Macros with Scenarios
You may create macros by specifying the title, description, repeating time, and initial speed. Plus, you can assign hotkeys for triggering the macro.
Create a New Macro From Scratch
In this step, you are welcomed by a well-structured design that offers a step-by-step approach for creating a new macro by recording mouse and keyboard activities. You may also use the built-in macro script editor that enables you to add, edit, or remove actions, debug your macro, as well as use variables.
You may also create a new blank macro from scratch using the built-in macro script editor.
Scheduling and Triggering Options
Macro Expert enables you to schedule the macros at a specific time and launch them when specific events occur, such as disk space is low, flash drive is removed, time is changed, printing job is added, battery is low, and a file or folder is removed or changed.
Smart Capturing Mode
You can secure your macros by setting passwords, so other users cannot change your settings. There is also support for a smart capturing mode which captures mouse and keyboard events and stores them temporarily for helping you run them on the breeze without having to name, schedule, and password-protect the macros.
Smart Capturing Mode: Quick Help Guide
In addition, Macro Expert comes with several macro examples, which can be easily deleted, cloned, or edited, as well as view all running macros, backup the information to a file, check the log for the played macros, and import script files.
Launch a Macro with a Button
Macro Expert comes with a smart function for launching a macro with a button, so you can access the utility with one click.
Last but not least, the utility has the ability to access the help manual in case you don’t understand the function of the built-in parameters.
Bottom line
Macro Expert is an incredibly effective tool for automating your boring tasks and increasing your productivity. It also offers eea19f52d2

This free application has been designed to enable users to quickly and easily create beautiful desktop wallpapers, and to show the user’s geographical position on any picture that has been mapped.
It is used to create desktop wallpapers by using the function of Auto Trace as a point of reference, or as a general base map for the mobile application.
Desktop Image Map Editor is an application that has been developed with the goal of enabling users to enhance their pictures in order to create beautiful desktop wallpapers, and to enable them to view their geographical position on any picture that has been mapped.
It is used to create desktop wallpapers by using the function of Auto Trace as a point of reference, or as a general base map for the mobile application.
– It can be used to create custom desktop wallpapers.
– Can create and display custom maps
– Mapping function with photos and other items.
– Create, edit and manage the location of maps.
– The results can be viewed as a map or image.
– It can be used to view geographical position on a map.
– It can show the map of the area using Google Maps.
– You can also control the file size and quality of the map to be displayed.
– The application can be run on all mobile devices and personal computers.
– Available in both English and French.
– It can be used as a standalone application or as an embedded application.

Can be used on the go
One advantage in particular is portability, which means you don’t have to go through a setup process to make the application work, and can even be used on other computers directly from a USB flash drive. But before this is possible, you need to make sure that the target computer is fitted with Adobe AIR for no functionality issues to occur.

It’s best to leave the main window with its default size specifications, because resizing it has no effect on elements, which can easily become frustrating, considering that elements are crowded. The image preview area is disappointingly small, but you can zoom out to view the whole picture.

The application works through custom points you directly draw on the given picture. Here is where the zoom tool comes in handy again, because adding too many areas gets difficult on a small image. However, you might want to use dedicated buttons whenever you create a new point of interest, because drawing directly on the canvas can mess up existing values.


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