A great product for creating professional looking business cards. This is a great visual template, with realistic textures. You can use this on a single card, or create and print multiple cards.
– Easy to use:
You just need to fill in the basic info and hit the print button. You can use an image in your business card, and you can make it look professional. You can also use different images for the back of your card.
– Fast:
It’s amazingly fast, no matter how many cards you print out. It takes only 2 minutes to create and print.
– Professional:
You can use professional looking textures and colours. You can choose between 4 different graphic designs and styles. There is even a clip art library.
– Easy to use for anyone:
There’s no need to install special software to use this. It’s easy to use, and it’s very fast.

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Connect to any database and execute any SQL command or query using the Foxy SQL Free scripting interface. With the ADO and OBDC methods, Foxy SQL Free can execute any SQL command or query against any database even if it does not support ODBC or native connections.
Foxy SQL Free Features:
�■ Windows and Macintosh OS
�■ Direct access to DBMS servers
�■ Scripting for any ADO or OBDC commands
�■ Scripts for any DBMS servers
�■ Query editor
�■ Multi-file scripting
�■ DBMS independent scripting interface
�■ Fast performance
Foxy SQL Free Key Features:
�■ DBMS independent query editor
�■ Scripting for any ADO or OBDC commands
�■ Scripts for any DBMS servers
�■ Multi-file scripting
�■ Support for more than 30 DBMS servers
�■ Support for all the major relational and object-oriented DBMSs
�■ Free download for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
�■ Support for Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Interbase, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Informix and Sybase SQL Anywhere
What’s New in Foxy SQL Free V4.6?
“SQL Scripts”
With this new feature, you can script almost any DBMS! And now you can run all of them, just by making use of the parameters that are provided with each script.
The FastScripts added to this version of Foxy SQL Free. With this feature, you can create your script by selecting the command, the datatype and the tables you need. And the more databases you use, the more items you can add to this list. It is possible to export this information into files that contain all of the SQL statements you need.
“SQL Map”
With SQL Map, you can edit the existing SQL commands that are provided by SQL Server. With this feature, you can select a query and make the script readable. And you can edit the fields and properties of each field.
“New Thread”
New Thread has been added to Foxy SQL Free 4.6. This feature allows you to assign a user to a new thread. You can create new threads as many as you need.


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