1. One function that shows both the present time (or nearest future time) on the top right of the screen, as well as a chart with the declination line at the bottom of the screen.
2. One function that can show up to 24 horary data items at a time. (See the linked menu for the current data item number in the upper right of the screen.)
3. One function that will show either the azimuth for that day or the natal hour, if the date is known. This is handy when a time is needed to act in a project.
4. One function that shows the solar and lunar phases. The lunar phase function can also be used to display the sun and moon in the sky.
5. The Election Helper program has a built-in sound alert that lets you know when you are getting near the time of the day you want to use. If you are using the solar/lunar phase or astro-clock functions, the sound tells you when the “sun” or “moon” is on the horizon, and that you are close to the time you need. If you choose to use a sound alert, you can hear this little reminder by pressing the sound button on your keyboard.
PURPOSE: The Election Helper program is designed for individuals who are studying astrology, spiritual astrology, alternative healing, NLP, or any other psychic system. It is also a good tool for those who are doing spiritual work with the tarot or using spiritual astrology.
HELP: The Election Helper project is available for a donation of $5 (or about $0.50 a month). You can make a donation online by selecting the “Make a Donation” link on the Downloads page.
INFORMATION: The Election Helper website can be found at
For questions about using the Election Helper in your own project, please contact Mr. Nick at his website at
If you want to send me an e-mail message, please do so at jolson@astrology-online.com
PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer doing email consultations. My email is now closed to new customers. If you want to find out about my astrology services, please see the astrology-online.com website.

The Election Helper is a browser-based program that is part of my books, kit 384a16bd22

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1. It provides an ideal personalized experience for designing label text.
2. It allows you to customize text color and font style to make your own label style.
3. You can add a border to each label that will then have a hand-drawn or photo-style effect.
4. The application will help you create different barcodes with different properties such as QR codes and Data Matrix.
5. It allows you to create images with high quality.
6. It includes all the required tools to easily create labels.
7. It is easy to use and everyone can create labels.
8. It is very reliable.
9. It is a fast and powerful application.
10. It is a multi-language product.

1) Extending language support
Language recognition is used to be very hard task for many users. LabelJoy provides an automatic tool for adding additional languages to your Label project.
2) New languages for text and images
Many of our Label projects contain text and graphic elements. These are essential parts of the project. You can use LabelJoy to design with them.
The addition of new languages to your Label project can save you a lot of time and efforts.
The system allows you to add languages to any label project with a lot of time.

1) Add MultiLang and Search Tag to the label projects
We developed a more powerful MultiLang and Search Tag on a Label project.
This is a powerful tool for users to know their Label project.
For example:
LangCode = JK
LabelText = BLUE
MultiLang :[JK, EN]

2) A new interface for managing lable project
We changed Label project’s new interface and allow you to design faster.

3) Time mark on the interface
You can easily see when you are done when you work on the project with Labeling time mark.

4) Change the Layout Design
You can change the new interface for the layout design.

5) Edit the original images
You can edit the original image that appears in the project.

6) Create Label from Clipart
You can create Label from the Clipart.

7) Create Label from Photo
You can create Label from the Photo.

8) Label Project Format & Export Image
You can export the image to the ‘Image’ format.

9) Add a date on the Label
You can add a


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