janine von thÜngen

Janine von Thüngen, born in Germany, lived and worked in Antwerp, New York, Moscow,
Paris. currently  she lives and works in Rome, Italy. she worked for the past 19 years as a
professional sculptor.
Her sculptures and installations feature internationally in museums, public spaces and
important private collections.
Janine has also collaborated with public, commercial and charitable organizations,
educational institutions, architects and other artists.
Janine’s oeuvre is multifaceted and ever-evolving; she uses a variety of mediums ranging
from traditional bronze, clay and glass to the more unusual rubber, hemp, water, sound and even plants.

Works expand in scale from handheld to monumental sized sculptures, land art and sound installations.
Janine is inspired by the contrasts and juxtapositions found in humans, nature and space; interactions between these elements are at the core of her works. Time and space are themes that mark the journey and evolution of her oeuvre.
Participation between artist, viewer and art is fundamental to Janine.


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via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 39
00186 - Roma

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