India Art Fair 2015

the idea

The idea was born on june 2013 after the encounter between, Janine von Thüngen, german sculptor living and working in Italy for more than 15 years, and Ruchira Gupta, journalist, human rights activist and founder of the international movement “Apne Aap – Women Worldwide”, that fights on the ground against prostitution and sex trafficking that afflicts women and children in India and all over the world


  • 7/03/15 New Delhi: Women’s empowerment campaign “Be Aware” at the Select City Walk Mall
  •  6/02/15 Najafgarh Village (New Delhi): – Meeting with the local community and interactive performance
  •  5/02/15 New Delhi: Meeting and debate entitled “Be Aware – Modern Sex Slavery and Sex-Trafficking”, at the Oxford Bookstore (81 Connaught Place), with Ruchira Gupta, President of Apne Aap, and Janine Von Thüngen, sculptor, on the occasion of the IX monthly meeting entitled “Feminism Beyond Borders”.
  •  28/01/15 New Delhi: Participation in the “India Art fair” with the project “Be Aware of Sex Trafficking”
  •  25/01/15 New Delhi: Interactive performance and awareness campaign “Be aware of Sex trafficking”, at Dastkar Nature Bazar

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