journey with newhope 2018

a journey into hope

BEAWARENOW, , in collaboration with the US Embassy to Italy and Casa Rut, has created a women’s empowerment project in support of the social cooperative NewHope in Caserta, as a part of its mission to raise public awareness and to fight against sex trafficking


The project’s journey has seen the involvement of the NewHope cooperative, along with some female students from Liceo artistico San Leucio in Caserta. The goal is to foster specialization in Fashion and in the management of social cooperatives, while promoting a socio-cultural exchange between the Italian students and the women and girls from the cooperative and the shelter, who are mostly of foreign origin. To this end, experts in the field organized training workshops, and the first results of the project were the focus of a public event at the Centro Studi Americani in Rome


This project was made possible thanks to support from the US Embassy to Italy, and with the contribution of Gucci through the “Gucci Up” initiative, which NewHope is proud to be affiliated with. “Gucci Up” is a noble program that retrieves and up-cycles fashion production waste to support social initiatives, with the goal of re-integrating disadvantaged people throughout Italy.

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