Roma, 15 giugno 2016 -Street Perfomance con giovani artisti italiani e stranieri a Piazza di Sant’Egidio (Trastevere) dalle ore 18.30 alle ore 21.30


BEAWARENOW Performance

Janine von Thüngen’s sculptures in a street performance:

Piazza di Sant’Egidio, Roma

18.30 – 21.30

15th  June 2016

Janine is a co-founder of BEAWARENOW  an association dedicated to raising awareness of social issues in National and International communities using participative art, with a particular focus on young people.

Their first project tackles sex trafficking – the concept was born from a meeting between Janine and Ruchira Gupta; an Indian activist and founder of “Apne Aap – Woman Worldwide” (an international organisation which fights sex trafficking of women and girls.)

Janine has created five life-sized, yet armless adolescent girls made from electrowelded metal mesh and filled with synthetic hair. The sculptured girl is defenseless and she represents all the children, especially young girls, who are forced into modern sex slavery. The works demand interaction – the participant pulls through strands of hair, ties with a ribbon, cuts and then keeps the lock as a memento.

BEAWARENOW is now coming to the streets of Rome and we invite you to come along on 15th June..

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